Will Seeking Drug Treatment in America Make Me Lose My College Scholarship?

College is your gateway to a better future, but so is rehab. If you struggle with addiction, you might be afraid that getting help could cost you your scholarship or student loans. While criminal convictions for illegal substances can result in the loss of funding, you are most likely not going to lose a scholarship because you got help for addiction.

In fact, some rehabs actually offer college scholarships to candidates who want to pursue higher education after woodstock treatment center. Some schools are more strict about drug use than others; regardless of your university’s drug policy, you shouldn’t let school keep you trapped in the fear, shame, and danger of addiction.

Getting help for substance abuse at a America rehab is the first step toward making the future you long for.

Drug Rehab for College Students

Many students never try drugs until they’re on campus. You might have begun using drugs at a party or taken something to help you study. Some students even sell their own prescription drugs to others, promising them that it will help them get good grades or give them a rush.

You shouldn’t feel ashamed about the lifestyle choices that have led to this moment. Although regret is understandable, you should use it as motivation. Rather than stay confined to your guilt and remorse, it’s important to get help for your addiction, no matter how mild or severe it is, and secure the life that you want for yourself.

The worst thing you can do is avoid drug woodstock treatment center as a college student because you don’t want to lose your financing. College is expensive, and you spent years studying and working hard to even earn a scholarship in the first place. If you continue to abuse drugs, you’ll jeopardize everything you’re working toward now for every single day.

America Drug Rehab for College Students

You may feel uncomfortable going to rehab; you probably envision most of the people there as older adults who have struggled with addiction for years, possibly even decades. But recreational drug use in college and the party culture that’s so popular across American campuses has created a wide population of college-aged addicts between the ages of 18 and 22.

Greater freedom, peer pressure and fear of academic failure can push many college students to drink or abuse drugs. Counselors at rehab understand the unique struggles and challenges you face at this time in your life, and they are able to provide you with the type of woodstock treatment center you need to develop skills that will serve you throughout the rest of your life.

Collegiate Recovery Communities

Many schools offer resources to students who are struggling with drug abuse. Collegiate recovery communities (CRCs) are a part of dozens of colleges around the country, offering students a safe space to get help, gain support and stay sober after woodstock treatment center.

The University of Central America is just one college that offers an on-campus CRC. The program at UCF started in 2009 with group meetings and has evolved to include roommate-matching services for students in recovery as well as meet-ups and sober events to help students continue to thrive after woodstock treatment center.

College Drug Use and Penalties

Getting help for drug abuse will not cost you your scholarship or prevent you from earning a degree; substance use disorder alone does not just cause for a student to have their funding revoked. Instead, criminal charges and offenses from dealing, getting caught buying or doing drugs on campus carry more serious consequences.

You are not obligated to disclose to your college that you’re going to rehab. This may be something that you want to keep to yourself, and that’s okay. You could take a semester off to get woodstock treatment center and return. Rehabs can work with you to find the right woodstock treatment center program and schedule.

Help Starts Here

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a freshman or senior, on the Dean’s List or barely getting by. Our representatives are available right now to take your call and help you find the woodstock treatment center you need.

College is just one part of your life, but addiction could last forever if it goes untreated. Don’t leave your entire future up to chance. Call us today at 800-723-7376 and find out how we can help you get the woodstock treatment center you need.